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Our Story

Farm Fresh Food & Family Fun

Hillcrest Farms was started in 1941 on the perimeter of Dearing, Ga. It has continued to be owned and operated by the Rodgers Family and is now on its 4th generation, three of which still work on the farm today. 
At Hillcrest Farms, our goal are to create the most comfortable environment possible for our cows through the use of cutting edge technology, careful observation, and environmental friendly practices. 
To find out more about our practices, please watch the short video Milk Makers below and click the links below to learn about our cow comfort and sustainable practices.


Robotic Milking Systems

The New and Improved Milking Systems

Our farm made the move to Robotic Milking Systems in 2019. This allows each cow to go to be milked when she chooses. With this transition it has allowed our family and employees to focus on the other aspects of the cow including cow comfort, herd health and management, while maintaining our relationship with the land and environment. 

Click below to learn about some of the great qualities that robots have to offer. 

Cow Comfort

Sand Beds, Temperature Control, Cow Brushes, and Rubber Flooring

By providing our cows with soft comfortable sand beds, temperature activated sprinkles and fans for those warm Georgia days, several cow brushes to scratch that itch that can't be reached, and reusable rubber flooring to make a soft walking surface, our Hillcrest Happy girls live a life of luxury.


Sustainable Water Supply

Reusable, Repurposed, Reinvented

All the water used in our barns is collected in an eco-friendly manner. Each of our barns include a larger water tank, which uses reusable water and rain water, that is used to flush all of the nutritional waste to a collection system. The water that is collected can then be used to irrigate our fields with organic nutrients.

Nutritional Waste Management

Product Reintegration

At Hillcrest Farms, the manure that is produced by our cows is not considered a waste product, but instead is a product that can be repurposed to provide natural fertilizer for our crops that will feed our cows in the future. By using this all-natural system, we limit the use of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides on our crops


Nutrition is Essential

Growing our own and buying local

Our family works alongside a top of the line cattle Nutritionist, Dr. Holly Ballentine, to provide a complete diet formulated for each stage of life within our herd. We are fortunate enough to be able to grow all of our own crops on our farm, and we use local products to provide additional nutrition to our girls. This includes, dried distillers grain, from local breweries, cotton seed, from local cotton farmers, and much more.

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