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Georgia's First Robotic Milking Dairy

A family owned farm integrating evolving technology

5 DeLaval Robots

We installed 5 robots on our farm, which replaces the traditional milking parlor. Instead of walking each cow to the milking parlor three times a day, now each cow can go as often as they choose.


Everything at our Fingertips

With this transition, we can look at our phones, day or night, and be able to see how each individual cow is doing. This allows for faster detection of cows who may not feel well, leading to healthier and happier cows!

Easy Herd Management

Everyone can have a day where they may not feel good, head ache, stomach ache, woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Well, cows can too!! With our transition to robots, we are focused on the health of our girls, which allows each individual cow to be monitored daily for any changes.


Everyone loves Food!

Our cows love to eat, and they eat A LOT! But, think about the sweet piece of chocolate. Well our girls get to have their sweet treat with every visit to our robots, with a specially formulated pelleted food.

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